The effect of nonmagnetic disorder on phase transitions of the first-order
Babaev A. B.1,2, Murtazaev A. K.1,2
1Amirkhanov Institute of Physics, Dagestan Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Makhachkala, Russia
2Dagestan Federal Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Makhachkala, Russia

Using the Monte Carlo method, weakly dilute magnetic systems described by two-dimensional 5-state Potts model, which in the pure state undergoes a phase transition first-order. Numerical studies have revealed that an insignificant quenched disorder, realized in the form of nonmagnetic impurities, can change the order of phase transition in magnetic systems described by the two-dimensional 5-state Potts model on a square lattice, for which a phase transition of the first-order is observed in a homogeneous state. It is shown that such a phase change the transition is due to the fact that nonmagnetic disorder prevents the coexistence of local phases characteristic of a phase transition of the first-order at T=Tl. Keywords: phase transitions, nonmagnetic disorder, Potts model, Monte Carlo, symmetry.
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