Physics of the Solid State
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Conductive properties of Magneli series oxides: VO and V2O5
Ilinskit A.V.1, Shadrin E.B.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

A comparative analysis of the electrically conductive properties of strongly correlated oxides: vanadium oxide VO and vanadium pentoxide V2O5, belonging to opposite ends of the Magneli series, is carried out. It is shown that, despite the radical difference in the symmetry of the crystal lattices of these compounds, these materials have a number of fundamental common properties, the main of which are the dependence of the width of the energy gap (gap band) on the occupation of the conduction band by electrons and the occurrence in both compounds of an electronic Mott transition extended in temperature. It is shown that vanadium pentoxide is a classic Mott insulator. Keywords: vanadium oxides, phase transition, electronic correlations.
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