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Structure, thermal stability and transport properties of heat-resistant high-entropy ZrTiHfNb alloy
Ryltsev R.E. 1,2, Estemirova S. Kh.1,2, Yagodin D. A.1, Sterkhov E. V.1, Uporov S. A.1,2
1Institute of Metallurgy of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2Ural Federal University after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The problem of phase stability is one of the key problems in the study of high-entropy alloys. Here we address this issue for a heat-resistant high-entropy TiZrHfNb alloy with a bcc structure. The evolution of the structure of this alloy is studied during isothermal annealing at T=400oC. It was found that the as-cast alloy consists of two coexisting bcc phases with similar unit cell parameters. This state is homogenized during annealing. Still, the highly stressed nanostructured state is retained and the texture is enhanced. The thermal conductivity of the alloy in the temperature range of 20-400oC changes in the range of 8-16 W/m·K, which is comparable in order of magnitude with the thermal conductivity of steels. Keywords: high-entropy alloys, heat-resistant alloys, phase stability.
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