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Superconducting bolometer with high-frequency readout circuit at 400 mK
Merenkov A. V. 1, Kim T. M. 1, Chichkov V. I. 1, Kalinkin S. V.1, Shitov S. V. 1
1National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia

The detection of a terahertz optical signal using a bolometric detector with a planar niobium resonator loaded with a hafnium micromotor using the nonlinearity of the impedance of an electron gas at a frequency of 1.5 GHz near the critical temperature of the micromotor is demonstrated for the first time. The temperature of the electron gas was shifted by the resonator current, and the superconducting transition of the micromotor occurred under the action of a terahertz signal. The test thermodynamic signal from a thin-film Fe-Cr-Ni absorber heated in the range of 1-10 K was focused from a distance of 10 mm with an immersion lens made of sapphire onto a planar antenna matched with a micro-bridge in the range of 600-700 GHz. The measured power transmission coefficient of the bolometer was +5.5 dB with a saturation power of ~1 pW and a threshold sensitivity of the receiving system (3±1)·10-17 W/sqrt(Hz)sqrt sqrt, which is close to the theoretical values for the investigated bridge with a size of 2.5x2.5x0.08 μm. The tested detector can be used to create imaging terahertz matrices with frequency multiplexing in sorption-type cryostats. Keywords: RFTES bolometer, superconducting micro bridge, high-frequency impedance of superconductor, hafnium film, electron gas, planar resonator, frequency multiplexing, planar antenna, black body, thermodynamic noise. Keywords: RFTES bolometer, superconducting microbridge, high-frequency impedance, hafnium film, electron gas, coplanar resonator, frequency-division multiplexing, planar antenna, blackbody, noise.
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