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Superstructural ordering degree in nanosized strontium ferromolybdate according to ferromagnetic resonance data
Demyanov S.E.1, Petrov A.V.1
1Scientific and Practical Materials Research Center, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Powders of strontium ferromolybdate (Sr2FeMoO6-delta) with various degrees of superstructural ordering of iron and molybdenum cations (P=67, 81, 89%) were studied by the ferromagnetic resonance method. These investigations have been carried out taking into account the available information on the structural, magnetic and resistive characteristics of the samples under study. As a result of the analysis of the ferromagnetic resonance spectra, it was concluded that the amplitude of the corresponding signals strongly depends on the magnitude of the superstructural ordering, increasing with its growth. The presence of maxima in the ferromagnetic resonance spectrum in the temperature range 350-370 K, which shift slightly to low temperatures with increasing P, confirms the existence of ferrimagnetic and antiferromagnetic states competing with each other in the region close to the Curie temperature. Keywords: ferromagnetic resonance, strontium ferromolybdate, superstructural ordering of cations, dynamic light scattering, submicron particles.
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