Electrical and magnetic properties of vanadium diselenide intercalated with chromium atoms
Sherokalova E. M. 1, Selezneva N. V. 1, Pleshchev V. G. 1
1Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Email: v.g.pleshchev@urfu.ru

The study of the structural characteristics, electrical and magnetic properties was carried out on synthesized samples of vanadium diselenide intercalated with chromium atoms. Structural studies have shown a decrease in the symmetry of the crystal lattice from hexagonal to monoclinic with an increase in the concentration of intercalated atoms, caused by their ordering in the Van der Waals gap. In this case, a change in the resistive state occurs in samples of different compositions, which are characterized by opposite thermal coefficients of electrical resistance. The values of the effective magnetic moments of chromium ions in CrxVSe2 decrease in comparison with the spin characteristics with an increase in the chromium content and their change correlate with the concentration dependence of the parameter c of the unit cell. At low temperatures for compositions x>0.2, the compounds undergo a transition to the state of a spin glass with a critical temperature of up to 30 K. Keywords: vanadium diselenide, chromium, intercalation, electrical resistance, magnetic susceptibility, spin glass.
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