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Spontaneous spin magnetism of donor conduction electrons of hybridized states of a crystal formed by a system of 3d-elements impurity atoms of low concentration (<1 at.%)
Govorkova T.E. 1, Okulov V.I. 1
1M.N. Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The given work is devoted to the experimental proof of existing the spontaneous spin polarization of the donor electron system of 3d-transition element impurity atoms of low concentration (<1 at.%) in a mercury selenide crystal. For this purpose there have been measured the dependences of the magnetization on the magnetic field strength at low temperatures (T=5 K). As a result of the analysis of the obtained dependences, there were extracted the impurity contributions, which are described by the magnetization curves typical of the ferromagnets, and by the magnetic parameters conforming to the spontaneous magnetism of the systems under study, which are unambiguously related to the donor conduction electrons of the outer d-shells of impurity atoms. By its nature, according to the developed theoretical concepts, the spontaneous spin polarization manifests itself in exchange interaction, taking place in hybridizing the electronic states of the impurity atom and the conduction band ones of the crystal. Keywords: 3d-impurities of the low concentration, gapless semiconductors, hybridized electronic states, spontaneous spin polarization, low-temperature ferromagnetism
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