Influence of non-adiabatic interactions on the Lande g-factors of the X^2Σ+ ~ A^2 ~ B^2Σ+ complex of the CN radical
Kozlov S.V. 1, Stolyarov A.V. 1, Pazyuk E.A. 1
1Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

The effect of the electron-rotational interaction induced by an external magnetic field on the values of Lande g-factors is systematically investigated within the quantum mechanical model of coupled radial Schredinger equations for locally and regularly perturbed electronic-vibrational-rotational (rovibronic) levels of nonadiabatically coupled X^2Σ+, A^2 and B^2Σ+ states of the CN radical, whose isotopomers are of persistent astronomical interest due to their wide use in optical diagnostics of various regions of the interstellar and near-stellar medium. Keywords: Lande g-factor, non-adiabatic interaction, CN radical.
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