Helmholtz-Gauss beams with quadratic radial dependence
Plachenov A. B. 1, Dyakova G. N. 2
1MIREA - Russian Technological University, Moscow, Russia
2Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: a_plachenov@mail.ru, baobabik@gmail.com

A new class of localized solutions of paraxial parabolic equation is introduced. Each solution is a product of some Gaussian-type localized axisymmetric function (different from the fundamental mode) and an amplitude factor. The latter can be expressed via an arbitrary solution of the Helmholtz equation on an auxiliary two-sheet complex surface. The class under consideration contains both well known and novel solutions, including those describing optical vortices of various orders. Keywords: parabolic equation, quadratic beams, Gauss, Helmholtz, Bessel.

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Дата начала обработки статистических данных - 27 января 2016 г.


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