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On the selectivity of population of the neon excited levels in the decaying He-Ne plasma*
Ivanov V.A. 1, Skoblo Yu.E.1
1St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: v.a.ivanov@spbu.ru, ivanov19473@yandex.ru
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The results of a spectroscopic study of the afterglow of a pulsed discharge in a He-Ne mixture are presented, showing the unique selective population of the upper level of the 2p54p configuration (3p1 in Paschen's notation) of a neon atom at a helium pressure of tens of Torr. The main measurements were conducted under conditions of competition between the excitation transfer from metastable He atoms (21S0) and the dissociative recombination of HeNe+ ions with electrons as sources of excited atoms. Helium pressure PHe ~ 0.08-20 Torr, neon PNe~ 0.0005-0.003 Torr, the electron density [e] < 1011 cm-3. The results of the experiment indicate the existence of a mechanism that forms with an increase of helium pressure such a distribution of populations over 2p54p levels, in which more than 60% of the radiation flux of 2p53s ≤ftarrow 2p54p transitions is concentrated in one spectral line of 352.0 nm. Keywords: helium-neon plasma, excitation transfer, heteronuclear ions, dissociative recombination.

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