Determination of the polymerization depths of lead-free piezoceramic pastes for UV 3D printing
Tikhonov A.1, Chugunov S.1, Shishkovsky I.V. 1
1Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

In present study, the polymerization depths for the implementation of the laser stereolithography process in the system (oligomer - piezoceramics) on the wavelengths of 445-465 nm UV range were determined in the original BTO, KNN and NBT lead-free piezoceramic pastes. It was shown that powder pastes, which provide a polymerization depth more than 150 μm, are promising for using in 3D printing. Such depth was chosen to guarantee a sufficient overlap of neighboring layers during polymerization, at the laser beam velocity speed from 1 m/s and the distance between the laser paths of 50 μm. For NBT pastes, successful photo polymerization was carried out for the first time, and for KNN paste the process performance was significantly increased. Keywords: lead-free piezoceramics, stereolitography (SLA) - based ceramics 3D printing, UV- curing and bandwidths
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