Dielectric Measurements of Nanocrystalline VO2 : Fe Films
Ilinskiy A. V. 1, Castro R. A. 2, Klimov V. A. 1, Kononov A. A. 2, Shadrin E. B. 1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: ilinskiy@mail.ioffe.ru, recastro@mail.ru, vlad.a.klimov@mail.ioffe.ru, shadr.solid@mail.ioffe.ru

Dielectric spectroscopy methods revealed the existence of two types of relaxation processes in the semiconductor phase of VO2 : Fe films. The characteristic relaxation times are denoted by tau1 and tau2. It is shown that the temperature dependences of tau1 and tau2 have hysteresis, the position of the loops of which coincides with the points of the semiconductor-metal phase transition. in VO2 : Fe films. tau1 corresponds to undoped, and tau2 corresponds to Fe-doped nanocrystallites of the VO2 film. It is shown that the physical mechanism of the relaxation process is due to the establishment of equilibrium after the action of an electric field on conduction electrons. The numerical values of the parameters of the distribution of relaxers over relaxation times are determined. Keywords: dielectric measurements, correlation effects, vanadium dioxide, VO2, insulator-metal phase transition
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